This is an incredible article from Haley Moss, who has been the subject of news stories lately as Florida’s first admitted practicing attorney with autism. I love this quote: “With neurodiversity in my arsenal of magic, I am able to publicly change the narrative toward greater autism acceptance in all aspects of life.” The world could use more of that magic…

I have magical powers, I thought to myself, just like Harry Potter.


I was nine years old when I first learned about my autism diagnosis, and being unique like this was, for me, akin to being Harry Potter in the ordinary Muggle world: full of differences and an inability to fit in. With a nonconformist attitude and growing self-confidence, I was indeed just like Harry, down to the July 31 birthday. My parents had known I was autistic years before I found out; it was on a lazy summer day that they became the owls delivering the equivalent of a Hogwarts acceptance letter and a celebration of being magical.


Also similar to the Harry Potter world, my autism wasn’t something I told people about — I couldn’t use my magic in the Muggle world, with few exceptions. I wasn’t running off to tell my neurotypical, Muggle-like friends I was in fact an autistic witch.


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